Check Rides

twinPilot Services offers pilot and flying support. Brian is an experienced EASA pilot examiner and instructor and FAA CFI on multi and single engine aircraft. He is an experienced King Air captain and has ferried aircraft trans-Atlantic and round the world. Read about his world circumnavigation experience.

An LPC or instrument check ride should be a learning and rewarding experience that maintains and enhances your skills. Some experienced pilots will appreciate that these check rides are often a check list of exercises and not a worthwhile or learning activity – Brian focuses on developing skills based on previous experience. Perhaps you would like to revalidate your flying ratings as part of a business trip in your own aircraft? Fly safe! Pilot Services focuses on safety management and ensuring that your flying skills are maintained and enhanced. The following is available:

  • PPL (A) Skills Test
  • IMC Skills Test – If you have started an IMC course, given up or are frustrated with your training then speak to Pilot Services.  Brian can complete your training at your convenience.
  • IMC Renewal/Revalidation – brush up training also provided if your licence has lapsed.
  • PPL (A) Proficiency Check
  • MEP Revalidation Proficiency Check – this can be provided in Pilot Services’ immaculate 58 Baron.
  • Biennial Flight Review (BFR) –  includes one hour ground school and one hour flight.
  • Instrument Proficiency Check –  this can be combined with the BFR.
  • Flight Training – flight training is available to complete a rating. Speak to Brian for details.